Clean Air Scorecard – A Management Assessment Tool for Cities

Asian Development Bank and CAI-Asia

The pre-event achieved its objectives in
- training more cities and other stakeholders on the use of the Clean Air Scorecard
- disseminating results of pilot work in 8 cities (Bangkok, Colombo, Hangzhou, Hanoi, Jakarta, Jinan, Kathmandu and Manila, and
- conducted a peer-review of the tool.

The pre-event was attended by

  • representatives from cities piloting the CA scorecard
  • team members from CAI-Asia who developed the CA Scorecard tool
  • panel of experts from US, Europe and Asia
  • Schedule:
    8 November 2010

    Meeting Room 310


    The pre-event was attended by 45 participants from Bhutan (1), Philippines (7), China (24), Thailand (2), Indonesia (3), Nepal (3) and United States (5) representing

  • Ministries of Environment in-charge of assessing air quality management of cities in their country
  • city government officials from CAI-Asia member cities
  • air quality management and health experts
  • development partners, and
  • media
  • For more information on the Clean Air Scorecard, contact:
    May Ajero may(dot)ajero(at)cai-asia(dot)org, or
    Kaye Patdu kaye(dot)patdu(at)cai-asia(dot)org

    Agenda, List of Participants and Presentations can be downloaded through links below.

    Clean Air Scorecard Final Agenda.pdf16.55 KB
    Clean Air Scorecard List of Participants.pdf14.28 KB
    A Clean Air Assessment Tool for Cities.pdf7.41 MB
    CA Scorecard Pilot Cities Summary of Results.pdf1.4 MB
    CA Scorecard Pilot Case - Bangkok.pdf6.27 MB
    CA Scorecard Pilot Case - Hangzhou.pdf1.15 MB
    CA Scorecard Pilot Case - Jakarta.pdf3.06 MB
    CA Scorecard Pilot Case - Jinan.pdf3.97 MB
    CA Scorecard Pilot Case - Manila.pdf2.73 MB
    Synthesis of Discussion.pdf10.51 KB

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